Sunday, 29 April 2007

The training continues

Woo hoo, the training must be working. Just ran the Helvellyn route for the Trihard in 2.12 hours (2.50 last time!).

Thursday, 12 April 2007

Lost John found!

After many years of mystery John has been found (alas dead) at the bottom of the cave named after him ... Lost Johns.

John found at the sump pool in Sink Chamber.

John was found at 1.30pm on 12th April by Dick, Sharon and Lee at the sump pool in Sink Chamber, which they had descended via Hampstead Heath, Monastery, Piscine and Pinnacle Pitches.

Sharon, Dick and Lee at the entrance after the discovery of the body.

Saturday, 7 April 2007

Dorset climbing. April 2007

Sharon bouldering at Battleship North

Blacknore South

2/4/07 Battleship North. Talk 6a+, Toe the Line 6b, Lizard of Oz 6a+.

3/4/07 Cheyne Wears. Wonderlust 6b, Time of the month 6b. Battleship Main. Evening Falls 6a+, Lazy Days and Summer Haze 6a+.

4/4/07. Blacknore Far South. Fears Younger Brother 6a, Ocean Drive 6a+, Read The Small Print 6b, The Unknown Soldier (6b+ TR).

5/4/07. 9 mile run then
Battleship North. Megs got. 6a. Cinema Paradiso, 6a. Captain Klutz and the Sailors of Fortune, 6a.

The Cuttings. Consomme 6a+, Two Fingers 6a, Opus 4, Rusty the Redneck 6a+ (TR), Three Fingers 4. Bouldering at Battleship North Nothe Fort.

7/4/07. Battleship Main. Never Drive a Car … 6a. Wind in the Riggin 6c (TR). Pinch and Inch 6a, Inch Perfect Inchworm 6b+ (TR). Bouldering Portland Bill quarry.

Sarah on Consomme 6a+

The Cuttings. The Sod 5+, The Little Sod 6b (TR) Sting in the Tail 5+ (TR) Battleship Far South. Punters Way 6a+ Spare the Fern 5+