Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Climbing injury!

Finger squashed after rock fell on it! Ouch!
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Friday, 10 June 2011

Halfords Race Series, Oldham

Waiting for the start

Bend at the bottom of the hill.

Stuart Reid of Staveley Based Wheelbase Team

The climb up to the finish stratight

Past the pits.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Halfords Tour Series Oldham

9th June criterion race in Oldham town centre. On ITV4 Friday evening.
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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Siurana, Spain. March 2011

Siurana, south of Barcelona.  Climbing area of renown.

Sharon leading in the sun

Dick leading

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

TNC Christmas Party

The annual Easter Christmas Party was organised by John this year to be a trip down Browney Mine in Nenthead near Alston, followed by a meal at the Miner's Arms Nenthead.

The usual TNC team was swelled by a number of groupies keen to experience a fluffy trip and the party.  In addition to Tom, Phil, Dick, John and Ali, we were joined by wives Sharon, Rosie and Val and friends Brian, Holly and Anita.

The mines were fascinating, the over riding impression being of the skill the miners had in their underground world.  The sight of vaulted stone roofs, drystone walls and expertly carved tunnels made you wonder at their workmanship.  Still it was good to get out into the rainy, snowy night (not nice snow, more like slush) and to the pub for a great evening followed by a stay in the campervans and an excellent breakfast at the Miner's Arms before we split up for various Saturday activities.

One issue of note was the annual TNC Christmas quiz superbly organized by Phil.  The winner is not of importance as the quiz is just for fun but one couldn't help remembering the reaction of a certain member from last year on not winning see last years report here.  A year of swotting up on the lengths of every underground pitch in the Yorkshire Dales, the names of every cave in the Three Counties Guide and the terminal air speed velocity of the swallow were of no use when it came to this caving club quiz.  The excuses for poor performance were due in the end to the rigid thinking and inability to think 'outside the box' of the member who once again was left feeling that he had been robbed.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Mountain bike ride around Ingleborough

46km ride with Tom around Ingleborough on a windy, cold day in early March

Spring snow on Scales Moor

Riding up the newly refurbished track to Cam End
Ingleborough in the background
Riding the limestone pavement, slippery when wet.

It is better when the sun shines after the sleet storm!

Team Orange hiding from the NW wind.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Murrayfield Ireland v Scotland

...And here we are in row 2 midfield at Murrayfield where we are hoping to see Ireland beat Scotland at rugby.
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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Summits and snakes

Ascending the Summit of Bernia high above Benidorm

Matt and Sharon with the Bernia Ridge in the distance

Sharon walking up the final slope to the summit

The team on the summit (Tom, Dick and Sharon)
Slippery customers in the Emilia's Bar - Venta Confrides

Great things to do while staying at  

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Bob Graham leg 2 16th Feb

The weather forecast said no snow or ice below 500m, winter conditions have returned above this.  Tom and I set off in the sun for leg 2 Threlkeld to Dunmail, he having done it in the dark last week as part of his successful winter BG round.  Tom's time for this leg 4.12.

As we reached the 500m level we appreciated what the warning re winter conditions was about but with no wind and the sunshine it made for a majestic day on the fells.

Approaching the summit of Great Dodd

The summit of Raise

On the Helvellyn plateau as it is getting dark

Leaving Nethermost Pike

Sunset as we approach the descent to Grizedale Tarn

I arrived at the car at Dunmail in 5.38 mins.  Time with the first leg is 10 hours 38 mins with three legs to go.

Clough Head
Great Dodd
Watson Dodd
Stybarrow Dodd
White Side
Helvellyn Lower Man
Nethermost Pike
Dollywaggon Pike
Seat Sandal
Dunmail Raise - Arrive
Time for leg


Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Summit Fairfield

Summit of Fairfield as the darkness fell.  1 summit to go to Dunmail.

It's a sunny day

Another sunny day so it is time for leg 2 of the alternative Bob Graham. Having discussed my target time with Tom we have revised it from 120 hours (5 days) to 30 hours over five days. Leg 1 was 5 hours so Threlkeld to Dunmail. Here we come.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

County Pot Trident series

Friday 11th February County Pot caving trip with Ali (taking photos) Tom and Phil.

See the photos at
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Thursday, 10 February 2011


Arrived back at car at 1545 (5 hours. (Tom did it in 3.5 hours then carried on for another 20!). Could I carry on after a 15 min rest? No I don't think so but......

On my 120 hour schedule (5 days) I am well up on my timings? I think I will have a good rest now ready for leg two next week. I hope the weather is as good.
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Summit Blencathra

Got to summit number 3 at 1505 hard work from River Caldew. Views amazing. Just descent now!
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Summit number 3 Blencathra.

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Second peak leg 1

Reached summit of Gt Calva at 1227. Found it really hard work. Blencathra looks a long way away and that is a big down and up to get to it!
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No time to admire the view

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Skiddaw summit

Reached summit 1 hour 45mins.
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On the way up Skiddaw

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Bob Graham solo attempt

Unbeknown to you all I have embarked on a BG attempt of my own.

5 legs, 5 days, long recovery in between each one!

Just below Skiddaw as I send this email, weather good, feeling fine.

Set off 1045 from Threlkeld.

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Tuesday, 8 February 2011


23.19 Winter Bob Graham round completed. Tom apologises to his team mates but he won't be at training tonight, he needs a rest.

See the full BG Winter round report on Tom's website here


1800 Portinscale, hard going but 1 hour remaining and 2k. He will do it! Ian ..... bouncing!
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Down off the fells

Arrived Newlands 1705 7k to go. If they do it in the allowed time then he will be sub 23 hours!
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Nearly there

We are on our way round to Newlands. Last night on Blencathra seems a long time ago. They set off up Dalehead looking good. 1 1/2 hours until dark again.
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Arrived Honister 1447 30 mins ahead of schedule making up 15mins on this leg. Tom has been eating all the way and was in great form. Bacon butties and tea, set off at 1504 up Dalehead. Ian the donkey well loaded up in fine spirits. 4 hours left to do what is down for 3 hours on the plan. Sub 23 hours is it possible?
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Scafell encased in ice

Tim down safe at 1013. For a BG aspirant he has had a brutal introduction to the realities of the Central Fells and a winter attempt as well. Good effort.
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Tom preparing to leave for leg 4

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Tom arrived Wasdale at 0942 ten mins ahead of 2330 schedule. Rocks on high fells icy and Foxes Tarn route ate up the time cushion from Dunmail. He felt bad at Bowfell but took power gels and settled down after that. Ate crumpets and tea, change of clothing. Set off on leg 4 with Ian at 0956 16 mins ahead of his planned time.

Brighton Tim left somewhere on Central Fells, I am waiting for him in Wasdale.
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Tom arrived Dunmail, 0254, 43 mins ahead of 23.30 schedule. Stopped for 15 mins drank tea and ate rice pudding, change of clothing and footwear. Set off with Brighton Tim on leg 3 at 0210. Next stop Wasdale in the light.
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Monday, 7 February 2011


Tom arrived Threlkeld 2225 25 mins ahead of schedule. Food and change of clothing then set off on leg two at 2240 26 mins ahead of schedule. In v good spirits.
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They have started

7pm, skies clearing they set off. Leg 1 Tom, Ian and Bradford Dave. Lights seem low down on Skiddaw bit low cloud cover will stop any more views of them until Threlkeld at about 2245.
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Which shoes do I chose? Rain intermittent, temp in Keswick about 4 Celsius. 40 mins to go.
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We are here in Keswick

Drove through some heavy rain at Dunmail. Water pouring off the fells but weather no too bad in Keswick. 1 hour to go to start.
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Setting off

The wind has dropped a lot, the sun briefly shone, Tom Ian and support crew are setting off for Keswick.
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Felltop forecast Lake District

4 hours to go.

Forecast for Monday

Rain at first to all levels, will be occasionally heavy at times as extensive hill fog covers the hills. During the morning the rain will turn lighter and patchier before turning more showery in nature for the afternoon. It will also turn brighter as some sunnier breaks appear during the afternoon and hill fog lifts. Turning colder during the day on the summits as the showers turn to snow in the afternoon above 500 metres. Very windy at first on the hills with a danger of losing one's footing in the storm force winds, but winds will ease during the day.
Moderate to poor at first, becoming good occasionally moderate later.
Hill Fog:
Overcast at 550 metres, occasionally broken at 360 metres. Becoming broken or well broken at 670 metres into the afternoon, occasionally broken in showers 450 metres.
Maximum winds above 500m:
Southwest 40 to 50 mph, gusting 70 mph, veering and easing from late morning Northwest 35 mph, gusting 60 mph.
Valleys/Low level: Plus 7 Celsius
At 900m: Plus 3 Celsius lowering to Plus 1 Celsius
Freezing level: Above the summits at first but
lowering to 900 metres during the day.
Chance of precipitation:
Dawn - 0900: Heavy Rain. 80% chance of rain
0900 - 1200: Light rain. 40% chance of rain
1200 - 1500: Heavy rain showers. 30% chance of rain
1500 - Dusk: Light rain showers. 30% chance of rain

Forecast for Tuesday

Another bright day with sunnier spells as a few showers continue to occur at first. The showers will be less frequent and more widespread than Monday, with parts of the east and south staying dry. The showers will fall as snow above 350 metres before dying out into the afternoon.
Good occasionally moderate at first in the showers.
Hill Fog:
Broken or well broken at 670 metres, occasionally broken during the morning in showers 450 metres.
Maximum winds above 500m:
Southwest 15-20 mph, backing South 10-15 mph.

6 hours to set off time

The atrocious weather is slowly improving leaving behind swollen rivers and boggy ground. The 1pm weather forecast is for windy conditions improving in to Tuesday so Tom is set to go leaving the Moot Hall in Keswick at 7pm for his Bob Graham winter attempt.

Regular updates on Toms progress over the 24 hour challenge will be posted to this blog as and when mobile phone signal allow.
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