Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Do I look like someone who needs open heart surgery? May 2012

At the end of 2011 I went to the doctors because I had a 'sensation' in my chest.  5 months later I am being told that I may need open heart surgery to replace a defective Aortic valve!  I dont understand the process that has led me here!  

Look at the heart rates below from 3 recent runs, do these look like someone who needs surgery on their heart (ignore the 200 BPM chart 1!  I think the watch stopped picking up the signal from the chest sensor for some reason!)  I dont think so.

Apparently the photos below show (to someone who knows what to look at!) that my heart is 'ballooning' with the pressure of regurgitated blood coming back through the valve.

 I cant see any 'ballooning'! Can you?

Maybe someone can interpret these pictures for me.  

The question I have (and didn't get to ask because I was too shocked when the Cardiologist had finished telling me I probably needed surgery) is why we are talking about surgery when it seems such a big step.  Why don't we wait and see what happens over the next year?  I feel fine and am training hard to support someone in a Triathlon in June.  I have always had the defective valve, why suddenly is it such a big problem?

Next step - a more detailed scan, where the specialists will know in more detail what the situation is but ... it is all a bit sudden for someone who thought that they were fit and healthy!

Saturday, 26 May 2012

My favourite mountain on a sunny day

Harter Fell. Eastern Lakes. 1hour 18 to the summit via Kentmere Pike, 6.5 km, 600m ascent :-)  Total time 2 hours.  12.5km. 9 minutes faster than a year ago!
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